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Our core philosophy lies in our unique approach to content. We don’t research and write to fill your blog. We produce value for your readers and your website.



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About Us

Evergreen Content was founded by George Mouratidis, an SEO content writer and researcher. Our mission is to provide you with high-quality curated content that will stay relevant for the foreseeable future and increase your website’s Engagement, Authority and Trustworthiness.

High quality content is the cornerstone of your SEO strategy and it takes a lot of time to plan, research and execute. Especially when it comes to writing, things become even more challenging. Users search for answers and they are much more likely to linger for longer if they find them on your website.

The problem? Finding them, breaking them down and presenting them in an easy to understand manner is time-consuming and can be extremely confusing. So, who’s better to do this job than a bunch of published academics with marketing experience?

Why choose us?

Short form content (<800 words) is slowly dying. Research has shown that the sweet spot between an article’s length and its organic ranking is at about 2500-3000 words. The same study suggests that posts with 3000 words or more receive more social shares. But, as with many things in life, size isn’t the only thing that matters. Even if your average page has a word count of 10.000, you will never rank for your desired keywords unless your content fulfills certain criteria.

Our team is ready to get their hands dirty and provide you with SEO-optimized mini-essays. Forget your average 500-word posts and get ready to get your marketing copy to the next level.

We make sure that all the articles we deliver are:

  • Informative

  • Well-researched

  • Easy to read

  • Optimized

  • Long and in-depth

Let's discuss your ideas and turn them into awesome content writing that your users will love!